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Diabetes Complications

This is the part that most of us don't like thinking about - possible type 1 diabetes complications.

Type 1 Diabetes Complications are associated with having higher than normal blood glucose levels over a long period of time. This can cause damage to the small blood vessels and nerves, leading to potential problems in the eyes, kidneys, heart, nerves and feet.

Look after yourself by having the following regular health check-ups:

• HbA1c - every 3 months
• Blood pressure - every doctor's visit
• Cholesterol - every year
• Eyes - every one to two years
• Feet - every year
• Kidneys - every year
• Teeth and gums - regularly

Medicare will help cover some or all of the costs for five visits in total per year to allied health professionals (like Dieticians, Podiatrists and Credentialed Diabetes Educators).